Can Line Filler missing vent tube integrated detection system.

Vent tubes (necessary for correct container filling) when lost could lead to consumer bodily harm and almost always require extensive downtime and production loss to locate and recover.

Until now technology has not been available to sense these nonmetallic tubes in a high speed can filler environment.

We at Pneumatic Concepts have developed a sensor, which when working along with our high speed integrated microprocessing system, is able to shut down the can (or bottle) filler within a controlled, short interval, reducing the possibility of harm and production losses.

This Integrated System allows the technician the ability to determine the offending head number quickly, replace the lost tube, and return the filler to production with minimum lost time. Meanwhile the operator is able to recover the lost tube in a short period of time as they may only have to inspect less than 200 cans (approximately one revolution). In comparison, without our system 79,000 cans may need to be inspected, blocked, or destroyed when performing one hour manual checks. Some plants inspect every three or four hours, in which case the savings would be proportionally greater.

The production gains resulting from less frequent manual vent tube checks will more than pay for the materials and installation within a few months. This also frees personnel for other tasks, further increasing the productivity of the business unit.

Design details:
The Vent Tube Sensor itself is manufactured as an integral part of a swing away mechanism designed to be pushed away from damage which might be caused by a jam or other filler failure. Two other proximity sensors count heads and index the filler position to allow head locating. The high speed microprocessor reads these sensors, along with signals from the existing filler control system, to calculate and execute commands providing efficient system operation. Indicators include four LED's to show power and sensor operation, and a 16 character two line backlit LCD display reads out parameters. Also interconnected is a sealed membrane keyboard for ease of setup and diagnostics. The control processor is packaged in a small IP67 rated enclosure and can be operated on several different input power choices with a total consumption of less than 25 watts. Inputs and outputs to the filler control system are of isolated solid state design providing short circuit protection and high MTBF.

Thank you for your time investigating a means to greater productivity.


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