Systems we have repaired / maintained:

Chillers 1/3 to 500 Tons R11 R12 R22 R500 R502 R503
Specialized refrigeration systems with cascade R23 R134A R404A R407C R410A
Ammonia systems R717  
CO2 system as trans critical "Natural Refrigerant" R744  
Custom refrigerant recovery systems    
Air compressors rotary liquid vane reciprocating diaphragm    
Coolant recovery systems    
ERE engraving lathes CNC engravers Laser cutting burning    
Water jet cutting Home Business automation PLC relay logic    
Custom CNC mills lathes plotters broaches grinders HMI    
Dust collection air filtration isometric bases towers rotors    
Pumps centrifugal multi chamber screw fans blowers    
Cooling towers heat exchangers gear drive rack pinion    
Phased array ultrasonic non-destructive testing    
Tanks hand held roller end feed units    


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Conveniently located in Fleming Island, Florida (near Jacksonville) we can arrange travel to your faciliy to explain first hand our abilities and resources to create realities from your conception.



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