Environmental Data Collection and Reporting System

Early reporting of failing heating / cooling units can prevent catastrophic loss and costly repairs.
We have incorporated technology which can email system failures, and with direct access via the internet to a web page, can provide various system reports and ability to reset / restart vital systems.

The primary purpose of this device is to early warn operators / technicians to a possible impending condition of failure.

We are proud to provide a small (5x3x2") web based Ethernet server with various sensing / output capabilities which consumes minimal power in different configurations to exactly suit your needs.

Email capability to provide information of temperature, pressure, dewpoint, conductivity, flow, level, etc with additional email capability of failure for motors, compressors, valves, etc can also be set. Windspeed, direction, humidity, sun intensity, lightning, and other atmospheric conditions can also be provided.

Design details:
The standard system provides 5 temperature inputs, 3 digital inputs, and 4 dry closure outputs. It is generally used to measure supply and return air, inside and outside air with a spare sensor available for temperatures such as oil or compressor temperature. The digital inputs are used to monitor fan, compressor, and general system operation. Outputs can be utilized to turn on or off additional equipment as required. Logging of all parameters is available based on storage size (60 days for 5 points standard) and can be increased with off site storage.

Each input is displayed on an accessible web page with standard desktop or mobile browsers. These inputs can be set to trigger email notifications on either upper and/or lower limits. The outputs can be set to activate on additional set points to control alarm lamps or other annunciating means. Upon email receipt users can access the web pages to check conditions and make necessary arrangements. For example a compressor could be set to run and the corresponding current sensor could be checked for current draw. If there was no current draw it might suggest the compressor has lost power, or a safety has been tripped preventing it's operation.

The standard system draws less than 15 watts, runs on a wall power supply of 5 volts. Various configurations of 5-48vdc and 120-480vac are available with special requests being fulfilled as needed.

Inputs for pressure, temperature, conductivity, pH, strain, voltage, current, humidity, position, condensation, speed, among others are available. All I/O components are specific to an application and can be provided upon request. We strive to utilize your common parts and / or suppliers to reduce inventory stocking impacts. Virtually an unlimited number number of sensors an be connected to the system.

Outputs are DPDT dry closure with a current capacity of 2 amps. Utilizing them for larger control systems is commonplace. Solid state relays can be provided where conditions require. Also mosfet outputs and servo drives can be fitted. If required, a Display (LCD or VFD) can be installed for onsite readout of data, so a browser does not need to be accessed.

Your requirements can be easily transformed into exactly what you needed.

Thank you for your time investigating a means to greater productivity.

Online Demo Unit 1 (May be disconnected when updating and testing for client specific demonstrations)

Online Demo Unit 2 (May be disconnected when updating and testing for client specific demonstrations)

Pricing estimations

Feel free to call for prices / information / or an application study.

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